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Mixing is the perfect choice when a project needs additional work to achieve the right balance and depth.

With a depth of knowledge on different production techniques in the digital and analog realms, we are here to help take your productions a step further. 

When ordering stem mastering, rather than sending a stereo bounce, a client could alternately deliver “stems” which the mastering engineer can use to create the final master.

Both result in one final stereo file, ready for distribution; however, each results in slightly different sonic characteristics and can be better suited for certain scenarios.

Stem mastering can also be considered a “halfway” house between stem mixing and stereo mastering.

Stem mixing is a method of mixing audio material based on creating groups of audio tracks and processing them separately prior to combining them into a final master mix.

Format Of Mix Options:

  • Digital Master - 16/24bit 44.1/96khz WAV/MP3 for vinyl/digital/streaming distribution.

  • Analog Master - 24bit 44.1/96khz WAV in high resolution

  • Analog Summing - 4/8 channel groups or full track mixdown

  • Digital Mixdown - (no limit of channel mix)

  • Sound Colouring  - add character and punch to your finished track using our analog chain with EQ, compression and saturation.


Pre Master Specs

Please ensure that the kick and bass are separate (preferably in mono) group elements as follows:

- Kick

- Bass

- Percussion (rims, toms)

- Snare / Clap

- Top elements (Hats, shakers)

- Vocal

- Synths/Chords

- FX

Stem Mixing & Mastering can also be ordered using 4,6 or 8 channel groups. Stems should be exported individually without processing (except for FX), not through the master bus.

44.1kHz sample rate (minimum) / 16 or 24bit (24bit preferred).

Submission via Dropbox or WeTransfer to:

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