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Stem Mixing & Mastering

When ordering stem mastering, rather than sending a stereo bounce, a client could alternately deliver “stems” which the mastering engineer can use to create the final master.


Both result in one final stereo file, ready for distribution; however, each results in slightly different sonic characteristics and can be better suited for certain scenarios.


Stem mastering can also be considered a “halfway” house between the stem mixing and stereo mastering.

Stem mixing is a method of mixing audio material based on creating groups of audio tracks and processing them separately prior to combining them into a final master mix.

Pre Master Specs

Please ensure that the kick and bass are separate (preferably in mono) group elements as follows:

- Kick

- Bass

- Percussion (rims, toms)

- Snare / Clap

- Top elements (Hats, shakers)

- Vocal

- Synth

- Chords

- FX

  • Stems should be exported individually without processing (except for FX), not through the master bus.

  • 44.1kHz sample rate (minimum) / 16 or 24bit (24bit preferred).

Submission via Dropbox or WeTransfer to: rv@rvaudioltd.com



RV Audio is a Berlin-based mastering and mixing studio, specialising in a wide array of underground electronic music ranging from minimal, house to techno.

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